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Calgary's Battalion Park Monument


In September 1995 104 Cadets assembled at Battalion Park to pay homage to their
forefathers who fought Canada in the 1914-18  World War. 
They came to paint the 20,000 stones marking the battalion numbers
placed on the hill side in 1915  & 16 by the young soldiers.
385 RCSCC Calgary 604 Moose Sqdn RCAC
22 Undaunted RGSCC 781 Calgary Sqdn RCAC
1292 LdSH (RC) RCACC 2554 PPCLI CC         1955 Service Bn RCACC
Buffalo Sqdn 538 RCAC 2509 Royal Cdn Signals CC
2137 Calgary Highlanders CC 52 City of Calgary Sqdn RCCA
Thus linking our illustrious past with future generations
Dedicated this 20th Day of September, 1998.

Joint Branches, Royal Canadian Legion
Parks Foundation, Calgary.

Battalion Parks location:  3015-Signal Hill Drive S.W. (top side)
Battalion Parks location:  Signal Hill Shopping Centre S.W. (bottom side, behind Staples)

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