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Calgary's Battalion Park
The 151th Infantry Battalion. C.E.F

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The 151st (central Alberta), was raised in the Red deer, Battle River, and south Edmonton districts. It was housed at Sarcee Came from December 22, 1915 until October 4, 1916, under Lieutenat-Colonel J.W. Arnott. So many men enlisted that the 151st was oversubscribed. The extras were assigned to "B" Company of the 187th Battalion. That the 151st saw no service as a unit was a disappointment to its 925 enlisted men and officers, who were absurd into the 7th, 9th, 11th and 21st Reserve Battalions. The 151st was perpetuated by the North Alberta Regiment of the Regiment of the Canadian Army Militia, but was disbanded on Feb. 1 1936. "we had some instructors from the British Arm. One day while practicing bayonet fighting, jabbing a dummy men, the instructor came up to me and said, 'Put more into it! Just imagine these dummies are German and you hate Germans don't you?' I said 'No , I do not hate anybody.' He turned around to the men and said, 'Blimey. Some of these Canadians are funny blokes. ' One day later he came over and said, '........I guess none of us really hates anybody." Gorden Reid,
Poor Bloody Murder

Battalion Parks location:  3015-Signal Hill Drive S.W. (top side)
Battalion Parks location:  Signal Hill Shopping Centre S.W. (bottom side, behind Staples)

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