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Calgary's Battalion Park
The 137th Infantry Battalion. C.E.F

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The men of "Calgary's Own" trained at Saree Camp from December 1915 to August 1916, under Lieutenant Colonel George W. Morfitt. On August 21, 1916, marching behind their 27- member brass band, they embarked for Europe from Halifax, abort the S.S Olympic. Despite the fact that the 137th was merely a recruitment unit, absorbed into the 21st Reserve Battalion for service, its men maintained the spirit and camaraderie of the first battalion. Survivors held reunions until the 1960s, weeding and re-painting the stones or their battalion number which they had carried and placed. Their monument to their battalion members stands in Glenmore park. The 137th is perpetuated by King's Own Calgary Regiment, Canadian Forces Reserve, at Mewata Armoury. Their colours are preserved at the Museum of the Regiments. Of the 9494 men who enlisted in the 137th, 401 were wounded and 284 killed. "The air was seething with shells. Immediately above, the atmosphere was cracking with a myriad of machine-gun bullets, and disconcerting in the extreme...
I cannot understand how anyone could have crossed that inferno alive."
Private Donald Fraser, September, 1916. 

Battalion Parks location:  3015-Signal Hill Drive S.W. (top side)
Battalion Parks location:  Signal Hill Shopping Centre S.W. (bottom side, behind Staples)

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